One Page Descriptions

A Person-Centered Approach to Prepare for the COVID Emergency or Crisis Event

Free Virtual Training Series

The COVID pandemic remains very present. Just as the pandemic was becoming more manageable, it came roaring back with the Delta variant and cases spiked and people returned to the concerns of emergency care and potential death. Some people with disabilities and older people are at greater risk of emergency hospitalization and loss of family connections. A One Page Description provides an immediate and relevant picture of the immediate supports the person needs to minimize trauma and inform medical professionals of the person’s support needs.

A One Page Description (OPD) offers a brief snapshot of what is important to a person, what supports they need and what others like and admire about the person. One Page Descriptions are created for a specific purpose. An OPD is a person-centered skill that can be used by anyone to provide specific and immediate information with multiple uses. For the purposes of this series of training, a OPD will be used to develop a quick clear picture to support people in the event of a COVID related emergency.

The training will be offered in a two-part series for each topic area. The first session, presenters will provide an overview of the steps to creating a OPD and specific health and medical related information. Participants will be provided with a blank OPD to complete before the second session in the series. The second presentation of the series is a World Café, an informal process led by a facilitator to further explore the presenters’ subject matter.

The presenters will primarily include people with lived experience with content expertise as a parent, a high school student, a Veteran, mental health, intellectual and developmental disabilities, companion care for an older person living in their home or nursing facility. A series on emergency preparedness will also be offered. Dr. Karyn Harvey, a nationally known leader in trauma-informed care will offer 3 presentations on coping with trauma during the pandemic, lessons learned and the keys to resiliency and recovery.

Please take a couple of minutes to review the speakers’ information, their biographies and presentation topics. You are welcome to register at NO COST to participate in any and all of the sessions. Please feel free to share with your friends and networks. Contact Cynda Green at for more information or to request special accommodations.

This project is a partnership between Better Lives, LLC and Texas Parent to Parent, with sincere appreciation for the funding from Money Follows the Person.

All of the presentations will be presented and/or facilitated by certified person-centered thinking trainers or mentors.

Meet the Speakers


Shelbi Davenport

Shelbi Davenport, Senior Associate with Better Lives, has a University Studies degree from Texas A&M University with an emphasis in Ag Leadership. Shelbi is a certified Peer to Peer Specialist and People Planning Together Trainer. Shelbi will be sharing her Heath Care Passport, focusing on her lived experience with a disability.

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*NOTE: The presentation on Dec. 13 is a repeat of Nov. 19
Nov. 19, 2021, 10 a.m. : Lived Experience
Nov. 23, 2021, 10 a.m. : World Café – Lived Experience
Dec. 13, 2021, 10 a.m. : Lived Experience
Dec. 17, 2021, 10 a.m. : World Café - Lived Experience


Camille Russell

Camille Russell is the Director of Long Term Care Ombudsmen for the State of Kansas. Camille is also a certified Person Centered Thinking Trainer and Charting the LifeCourse Ambassador. Camille will be sharing how to use the Health Care Passport while living in a Nursing Facility.

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Nov. 22, 2021, 10 a.m. : Nursing Home
Nov. 24, 2021, 10 a.m. : World Café – Nursing Home


Tammy Costlow

Tammy Costlow, Senior Associate with Better Lives, is a Mentor Trainer with the Learning Community for Person Centered Practices and a certified Charting the LifeCourse Ambassador. Tammy is also the primary caregiver for “Nana” who is 91 years old and legally blind. Tammy will share how to use Health Care Passports for the elderly, still living at home. She will also share how to support her as a caregiver should she become ill and unable to care for Nana.

*NOTE: The following sessions are cancelled. They will be rescheduled later.
Nov. 29, 2021, 10 a.m. : Elderly at Home
Dec. 1, 2021, 10 a.m. : World Café - Elderly at Home
Dec. 22, 2021, 12 p.m. : Series Wrap up and OPD coach support


Randy Consford

Randy Consford, Senior Associate with Better Lives, is a Certified Person Centered Thinking Trainer, U.S. Marine Minister and Hospital Chaplain and has over 25 years of experience in community mental health and developmental disabilities field. Randy will focus on Mental Health and Disaster Preparations. Randy will also be presenting with fellow Veteran and Marine, Abel Rosas, on using Health Care Passports with lived Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

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Dec. 3, 2021, 12 p.m. : Mental Health / Disaster Prep
Dec. 9, 2021, 12 p.m. : World Café – Mental Health / Disaster Prep
Dec. 10, 2021, 12 p.m. : Veterans / Mental Health
Dec. 14, 2021, 12 p.m. : World Café - Mental Health / Disaster Prep


Abel Rosas

Abel Rosas served in the Marines as an Assaultman and deployed 5 times (2x to Afghanistan and 3x to Iraq) in support of OEF and OIF. He was medically retired after an injury sustained in Fallujah, Iraq rendered him ineligible for deployment after ten years of service and is now part of the Hill Country team, where he serves as the Director of TCOOMMI Services. Abel is an Licensed Master Social Worker and working towards clinical licensure. He has previously worked with the EMCOT in Travis County and as an Intensive Case Manager with the ANEW Program at Integral Care. He also worked as a Mental Health Probation Officer for Travis County Adult Probation Department. Abel received his Master of Social Work Degree from California State University in San Marcos, CA.

Abel Rosas will be presenting with Randy Consford. To register for those sessions, see above.


Ty Day & Aimee Day

Ty Day is a Sophomore at Bryan High School. He is a member of the Junior Varsity Tennis Team and Bryan High Viking Theater. He likes to do the best he can and help others learn how to listen to their kids when they need help. It makes him happy to be seen as an equal and as a cool person on the inside. He enjoys making videos for his YouTube channel, hanging out with friends to play tennis and going out to eat after practice.
Aimee Ortiz-Day is the mother of two boys who are adventurous, funny, kind and have a disability. As a certified Person-Centered Thinking trainer, she strives to incorporate Person-Centered Practices in all aspects of her professional and personal life. Aimee has spoken in multiple conferences and provided training for educators, law enforcement officers, individuals with disabilities, families and professionals.
Ty and Aimee will be sharing their Healthcare Passports for a young student with lived experience and as a parent.

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Nov. 9, 2021, 7 p.m. : Parent and Student
Nov. 11, 2021, 7 p.m. : World Café – Parent and Student


Karyn Harvey

Dr. Karyn Harvey has worked as a clinician in the field of intellectual and developmental disabilities (ID/DD) for over 30 years. She has a master’s degree in Clinical Psychology and a Ph.D. in Applied Developmental Psychology from the University of Maryland. Over her years of academic and professional development including valuable experience in direct support of individuals with ID/DD, she has come to recognize that psychologically supporting people with ID/DD must recognize the role that trauma plays in their behavioral issues and address the critical elements needed for their recovery from trauma (including safety, empowerment and connection).
Please join us as Dr. Harvey shares the traumatic impact of COVID, the lessons learned and the key to resiliency and recovery.

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Nov. 10, 2021, 10 a.m. : Trauma Informed Care, Part 1 of 3
Nov. 15, 2021, 10 a.m. : Trauma Informed Care, Part 2 of 3
Nov. 17, 2021, 10 a.m. : Trauma Informed Care, Part 3 of 3