Conference Sponsorships

Texas Parent to Parent now hosts 4 conferences across the state – one statewide conference in the Austin area and 3 regional conferences around the state – one in North Texas (Amarillo area), one in South Texas (McAllen area) and one in East Texas (Tyler).

TxP2P Statewide Parent Conference

Our statewide 2-day conference has been around almost as long as TxP2P has and we have around 550 to 600 participants (parents and professionals) from across the state. Our speakers are parents and professionals.

It is held in the Austin area in a hotel so that the parents can be together for 2 days and see families just like theirs in the elevator, restaurant and swimming pool. We purposely keep the registration cost low for parents so that they can afford it so our sponsors help pay for the actual cost of the food, audio-visual equipment and the venue and provide fun promotional items for the participants. Learn more about the Statewide Parent Conference or become a Statewide Conference Sponsor.

TxP2P Regional Parent Conferences

Our regional one-day conferences are held across the state, in different venues (high school, church, etc.). The attendance is usually between 75 and 100 parents and professionals, depending on the location.

Our conferences are in East Texas, South Texas and the Panhandle. There is no fee for participation. Our sponsors help pay for the food, printing and provide fun promotional items for the participants. Learn more about the Regional Parent Conferences or become a Regional Conference Sponsor.

Current Circle of Sponsors

United Healthcare Logo
United Healthcare delivers coordinated, whole person care tailored to meet the individual needs of the more than 30,000 children we are privileged to serve through the Texas STAR Kids program. Children served through STAR Kids are under the age of 21 and may have an intellectual or developmental disability. They have diverse strengths and challenges, and it’s important that services and supports reflect broad differences in diagnoses, conditions, development, environment, age, family dynamics, and geography.
United Healthcare Service Coordinators connect STAR Kids to the care and services they need, dedicated Member Advocates reduce barriers to care and address concerns, School Liaisons work with the family and school districts to promote access and inclusion, and Transition Specialists support the move from pediatric care to adult care.

Amerigroup Logo
Amerigroup is a proud partner of Texas Parent to Parent, including the Regional and Statewide conferences. Amerigroup Texas helps improve healthcare access and quality for more than 850,000 Texans by developing innovative care management programs and services. Members are assured care that is not only accessible, but also accountable, comprehensive, integrated and patient-centered. Through health education programs, members are empowered to choose and sustain a healthy lifestyle. Amerigroup’s constant commitment to families in Texas has been reflected for over 25 years though serving our members and supporting organizations such as Texas Parent to Parent. For more information about Amerigroup Texas, visit

CDS in Texas Logo
CDS in Texas offers you the opportunity to direct your own attendant care (and in some programs nursing and therapies). You become the employer and are responsible for recruiting, training, managing and firing your attendants. You choose an FMS Agency, like us, to provide you with initial training on your responsibilities and on being an employer. We continue to give you ongoing support. We do your payroll, file federal and state employer taxes for you, and do your quarterly and annual employer tax returns. We also report to you and your case manager or service coordinator on a quarterly basis letting you know what hours you have used. We support the CDS option in all of Texas’ long term care programs.

Superior HealthPlan Logo
Superior HealthPlan provides funding for our annual regional and statewide conferences for the parents and family members of children with special health care needs. Superior has also been a sponsor of our Annual Vine to Wine Reception. Superior HealthPlan is a state-partnered provider of managed healthcare programs to more than 1.5 million members. Since 2008, Superior has also been the exclusive provider of the STAR Health program for children and youths in foster care.