Care Notebook

A Care Notebook is an organizing tool that is particularly useful for parents who have children with special health care needs or disabilities. Use a Care Notebook to keep track of important information about your child’s health care. TxP2P’s Care Notebook is a compilation of PDF fillable documents. You can download all or any part of the Care Notebook. These forms will allow you to enter your specific information and save the document to your hard drive. (download all PDFs in a zip file)

We are most grateful to the Oklahoma Family Network for their generosity in allowing us to adapt much of the information in their Care Notebook to share with Texas families.


My Story

My Health Care

My Contacts

My Plan

My Coverage

My Asset Development

My College Information

My Health Care

My Interviews

My Job Application & W-4

My References

My Resumes & Letters

My Skills Checklists

Contact if your group is interested in hosting a Care Notebook training.