Welcome Professionals

Welcome to Texas Parent to Parent!

Texas Parent to Parent is a 501(c)(3) non-profit, statewide program that provides support, resources and information to parents and caregivers of children of all ages and disabilities as well as to the professionals who work with them. Our mission is to support children with disabilities, chronic illnesses, and other special health care needs by empowering their families to be advocates for them through peer support, resource referral and public awareness.

While our primary services focus on children and families, we also have services for professionals who work with and care for our children.

  • We offer trainings to Pediatric/Family Practice Residents and other medical professionals through our Medical Education Program (MEd.).
  • We providing opportunities for professionals to learn from experienced trained parents about the stresses faced by families through educational and informational seminars and programs through Family to Family-sponsored training and workshops.
  • We also coordinate an annual statewide parent conference which is the only conference in Texas designed to meet the needs of the entire family affected by a disability or special health care need. CEUs are available

Our family-focused services include the following:

  • Matching parents to trained Supporting Parent Mentors who have children with similar disabilities or issues for emotional support and information
  • Disseminating resources, information, training and education opportunities, fact sheets, and a quarterly newsletter via email, our website, or by U.S. mail. Topics may include long-term financial help, therapy centers, parent support groups, specific disabilities, care for the caregiver, special education law, insurance issues, respite care, applicable websites, and much more.
  • Hosting a variety of ways for parents to connect and support one another via a parent match, our annual conference, online listservs, Ask Rosemary, telephone support, Family to Family-sponsored training, and more. Families receive answers to specific questions about issues related to their child such as special education services, insurance, sibling’s issues, and much more
  • Giving parents the opportunity to share what they know with other parents and to medical professionals, to improve the quality of care for our children
  • Providing technical support to families or parent groups for creating support systems within their communities

Welcome to our family! Patty, Susan, Rosalba, Janette, Melissa, Greta, Sherry, Cynda, Penny, Linda, Amy, Mary Jane, Rosemary, Laura, and Sue