Job Story: A Young Woman Supports Healthcare Workers

This story was submitted by a family member. A self-advocate works as rehab aide in a healthcare facility. She works three days a week, for a total of about 12 hours per week. She has had this job for around seven years. She has a job coach. And gets a ride to work. The job coach is paid for by Supported Employment Services through the HCS Medicaid Waiver Program. At work, the self-advocate makes sure everything is clean and organized. She cleans mats, toys and other things to make sure they are in the right place and ready for the next person. These items are being used when patients are being seen by doctors and therapists. On their way to this job, she participated in an 18+ program through her school with several unpaid internships. She has completed classes in the ACC STEPS program. And she has also volunteered at her church. To do her job well, she had to learn to use a timeclock, how to follow directions, and how to follow a schedule and be on time. She likes to have something to do and earning a paycheck, as well as wearing scrubs. If you have questions, you can email