TxP2P Group Call Rules

Texas Parent to Parent calls are a place where parents may share information about what has worked for them in an effort to offer support to other parents, to problem solve matters that come up for discussion and to keep each other informed about resources and opportunities critical to our children. Joining our calls establishes an understanding that all participants will be considerate of other members. Please share what has worked for you without telling another parent what to do - we do not give advice; we share our experiences. You may not always agree with others’ choices or opinions, but please remember we each have the right to make those choices or to have those opinions. We all do the best we can for our child and family, under whatever circumstances we happen to be experiencing. Please be gentle with each other. Profanity or attacks on individuals or groups are not acceptable. We will not allow participants who cross this line to participate in future TxP2P calls.