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TxP2P collaborates with professionals in a number of important ways with the ultimate goal to improve outcomes for children with special health care needs. By improving communication and increasing understanding among parents of children with a disability or chronic illness, parents can become better advocates for their child. TxP2P has a number of programs where professionals can participate and learn more about the unique family dynamics and stressors these parents face so they are better prepared to help them.

  • Medical Education Program (MEd) – Pediatric and Family Practice residents and other medical professionals learn about families with a child who has a disability or chronic illness. For additional information, contact Sherry at sherry.santa@txp2p.org
  • Family to Family Health Information Center (F2F HIC) – Provide information, education and trainings to assist caregivers in making informed choices about short-term and long-term care for their children. Many of these are provided through our Regional Conferences and our Statewide Conference.
  • Technical Support for Parent Groups – TxP2P has experience in the startup and maintenance of support groups of many kinds and part of our mission is to help new groups form in areas of the state where they are needed. For additional information, email support@TxP2P.org