Statewide Parent Conference


TxP2P will be holding our 19th Annual Statewide Parent Conference in person this year, August 9th & 10th, 2024, at the Embassy Suites, 1001 East McCarty, San Marcos, TX. Registration coming soon. Watch our Facebook page, website and newsletter for important information.


“Every year we come to the conference, we learn more and things get better for our son. I think we didn’t know whether it was going to be okay or not. Now we know that there is so much out there. We are able to talk to other parents, so we know that we are on the same page with them. We know that it isn’t just us going through these things…”
-Monica Castillo, Parent

Our conference helps Texas parents learn how to deal with the unique issues and challenges they face on a daily basis in caring for their children. The two-day conference offers 50 different sessions within several tracks, each covering a different topic. The tracks include the following: advocacy (general and legislative), parenting and sibling issues (and a Sibshop), special education law (basic to advanced), medical issues (including Medical Home and Medicaid Waiver Programs), behavior, mental health, parent leadership, resources and services, self-advocacy, transition issues for youth and young adults with disabilities, and creating a good life for people with disabilities.

Through seminars and face-to-face networking, parents, self-advocates, family members, caregivers and professionals learn from each other as they continue their unique journeys caring for a child with a disability or a special health care need. TxP2P’s goal is for everyone to leave the conference with renewed energy and passion along with tools and information they need to make positive changes for children with disabilities in Texas.

Special Features:

  • 7 Sessions in Spanish; Interpreters available for 3-4 other sessions
  • Skilled child care – space will be limited
  • Sibshop Program for siblings
  • Peer to Peer Summit – 2-day conference within the conference for teens and young adults with and without disabilities
  • Family Fun Night - fun games for all ages-Dinner on your own.
  • Approximately 50 Exhibitors including nonprofit organizations, state agencies, therapy centers, specialized products, mobility vendors, and many more

Conference Sponsors