Planning for the Future and the Emotional Hurdles of Transition

Often when parents hear the word “transition,” they feel anxiety about the future, a sense of being overwhelmed, and fear that their child will not have the resources needed to live a safe and productive life after graduation. We at TxP2P have found that linking with other parents, learning more about transition and starting to envision the future in a concrete way will help you move on.

Tips for dealing with the emotional hurdles of transition:

  • Find someone to support you through this process.
  • Create a positive vision of your child's adult life.
  • Read A Good Life, by Al Etmanski, to get inspired; available at This book comes from PLAN, a parent organization in Vancouver
  • Have faith in your child.
  • See your child as okay.
  • Start planning NOW, no matter how you feel.

Learn more in this article about the emotional challenges of transition and suggestions for starting on the planning process: Dealing with Ourselves while our Children Grow up!

One of the best ways to help yourself is to link up with other parents who are also going through transition with their children. To find other parents, you might ask a teacher or administrator at your child's school to make these connections. Also TXP2P can provide 1-1 support if you call or email our office and by assisting you to set up a Transition Action Group (TAG) in your area. TAGs provide a way to meet with other parents on a regular basis and to help one another with transition goals, acquiring new knowledge and planning for your youth together.

One tool for getting started on the planning process is Person-Centered Planning, a 1 to 2-hour process with you, your child and a group of interested others to take inventory of current life for your child, propose goals, and write a set of steps to get started on a goal. Here is an article for further information: Person-Centered Planning

Here is a Transition Inventory to help you learn what's out there and what you need to do to get started.

Excellent websites on transition in general:

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