Creative Jobs Story Bank: My Work Story

We all enjoy having the chance to earn money, meet other people and help in our communities. Sometimes it is hard to know what to do or where to find the right job. We offer this website to share stories of young adults with disabilities in Texas. Our hope is give others, including those with high support needs, ideas on how to find a paid or volunteer job. Take a look at what we have so far.

Please click here to share your story with us. Tell us about your work (volunteer or paid) so that others can learn and get ideas from you. Just take a few minutes to tell your story using Survey Monkey or you can ask Amy Litzinger at Texas Parent to Parent to help you write your story. Email Amy at

We want to hear about any part-time or full-time work, self-employment and volunteer jobs.  In the survey, we will ask you to tell us what you do, how you found the job, what help you need to do it, and what you enjoy about your work.

Anyone telling another person’s story must get written permission from the person or family. Also we may need to change your words a little bit to be sure the story is clear for others to read. All stories must use People First Language. Don’t worry, though, Amy can help you with this if you need it!

We will share your story with other people in Texas looking for work or volunteer jobs such as people with disabilities, their families, school staff, Transition Specialists, Vocational Rehab counselors and anyone helping someone find a job. Your story could be featured on an upcoming section on TxP2P’s website.

We hope the stories here will inspire people all across the state to see what’s possible. Help us spread great ideas across the state. Let’s get more Texans working.

If it is hard for you to use this website, please let us know! Send all feedback to Amy Litzinger at