Circle of Sponsors

Get year-round exposure to thousands of families across Texas on our website and recognition at our 2-day Statewide Parent Conference and three 1-day Regional Parent Conferences.

Texas Parent to Parent Sponsors help us provide better programming to more families. We invite you to join us at a sponsorship level of your choosing to help us help Texas families. You can see what the benefits of each Circle and sign up to be a sponsor on our Circle of Sponsors Registration form.

  • Supporting Circle — $15,000
  • Partnering Circle — $20,000
  • Sustaining Circle — $25,000

What are the TxP2P Parent Conferences?

Our Parent Conferences educate Texas parents of children with disabilities, chronic illness, and other special healthcare needs about how to cope with the unique issues and challenges they face on a daily basis in caring for their children. The conferences offer themed tracks comprised of multiple sessions, each covering a different topic, over the course of one or two days.

Speakers include professionals and parents. The knowledge we share with parents at the conference empowers them to advocate for their child’s needs. The conference also provides a rare opportunity for parents to connect with peers – other parents who have “walked a mile” in their shoes, and whose experience and insight into the challenges they face gives them more support and hope than any course or seminar ever could.

Annual TxP2P Parent Conference

Connecting Families Caring for Children with Disabilities, Chronic Illness and other Special Health Care Needs

Austin area in the Summer each year


1-Day TxP2P Regional Conferences

February — East Texas

April — West Texas

October — South Texas