Memorials & Honorariums

Tribute gifts provide a wonderful opportunity to honor or remember someone important to you, while helping strengthen networks of parents of children with special health care needs. When you make a donation, Texas Parent to Parent will send a notification letter to the person being honored or the family of the individual you are remembering. Your name will be listed as the contributor, but will not include the amount of the contribution unless you wish. You may make a donation online on our Donate/Payment Form.

The following are potential occasions to make a tribute gift:

  • Thank a medical professional who has made a difference for your child.
  • Celebrate a birthday for someone who has everything.
  • Honor your customers and clients with a thoughtful gift of a donation made in their name.
  • Ask friends and families for donations made in your name in lieu of holiday gifts.
  • Surprise a colleague or child with a special gift in honor of a recent achievement.

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