NICU Network

“When our daughter was born 13 weeks premature we were heart broken and confused. We weren’t ready to deal with a sick baby, doctors or machines that go “ping”. We were frightened and alone. It was a gift to finally speak to someone that had a similar experience. The Parent to Parent Support Volunteer answered all my questions and validate my feelings. She understood the value of guiding and supporting parents.” — TxP2P Volunteer

Texas Parent to Parent understands that connecting with other parents who have experienced the stress of being separated from a baby is critical and seeks to offer emotional support through the Parent Match program. A brochure is available describing the program.

Healing Power of Support

The gift of Parent to Parent support is one which helps hearts to heal, dreams to begin anew and sorrow to be lessened in the sharing.

When a baby is born prematurely and needs to spend time in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) there are complex emotions that are experienced by the mom, dad and other family members.  Regardless of how early the baby is born there is a physical separation from the family that was not expected. Normal work and family routines are disrupted. Mothers are physically healing from giving birth, which often involves surgery. Understanding the short and long term impact of medical treatment and intervention for preemies can be daunting. All these factors contribute to a sense of loss, stress and exhaustion. Talking with a parent who has experienced having a baby in the NICU can be a relief and a source of comfort. Peer support is the heart of Texas Parent to Parent’s (TxP2P) service to parents — a parent never need to feel alone or isolated. A parent match specifically connects the requesting parent with an experienced supporting parent who can:

  • listen and help process what is happening
  • offer emotional support
  • offer information on communicating with NICU professionals
  • instill confidence
  • help access needed resources

NICU Resource Information is available targeting services, internet support, insurance and other areas of interest to parents of preemies. Texas Parent to Parent has partnered with PreemieVoices and MedImmune to make educational resources available in English and Spanish.

Parent-to-parent matching is available to any parent who requests it. If you would like to request a “Parent Mentor” for NICU support. If you have questions about a parent match, please contact Patty, Susan, or Rosalba by contacting the office at 866-896-6001 or 512-458-8600