Texas Parent to Parent’s approved annual budget for 2016 is $797,550. In 2013, TxP2P spent 88% of its expenses on services for families and professionals, which falls within standard industry practices for nonprofit accountability. Visit our Guidestar Profile for more information.

“It is such a powerful gift to find another parent who knows disability-specific what your own child is like. That connection is priceless; it is truly priceless. You can’t find it in any other person unless they’ve walked in your steps. They don’t know what it really feels like – the joys, the hopes, the loss of a dream. Only another parent who has lost a similar dream can understand what you’re going through and can be a source of strength in perhaps a moment of weakness. For a short period of time, you may feel down but that other parent can help you walk through those times until you can get yourself back up on your feet.” — Val Sutorius, Parent

2016 Accomplishments

  • TxP2P staff provided support, information, referral, and resources to 3,630 Texas families of children with a disability, chronic illness or special health care need.
  • TxP2P provided 124 trainings to parents, family members, and health care, human services, education, and related professionals on topics related to parenting children with disabilities, chronic illness, and other special health care needs.
  • TxP2P held three conferences for families of children with disabilities, chronic illnesses or special health care needs and the professionals who work with our children and families. More than 650 parents and professionals attended the conferences.

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