Get Involved

Join Texas Parent to Parent (TxP2P) in raising resources and awareness on behalf of families of children and adults with disabilities, chronic and mental health conditions and other health care needs. Parenting a child with a disability can be an epic journey that is made infinitely easier with one-on-one peer support, education, and more awareness. Get involved and help us accomplish our mission to help Texas families by helping on our Board of Directors or marketing/fundraising, volunteer as a peer to peer mentor or become a sponsor.

Other Volunteer Opportunities (All welcome)

Texas Parent to Parent has a number of other volunteer opportunities for anyone who wishes to advance the mission of the organization. The following is a list of potential volunteer roles available.

  • Join the Board of Directors
  • Join a Board of Directors Committee (Programs & Services, Development, or Vine to Wine)
  • Conference logistics and promotion (San Marcos, Hurst, South Texas or East Texas)
  • Marketing and promotion
  • Fundraising

Please contact our Executive Director (or email about helping with any of these opportunities.

Become a Sponsor for TxP2P or for one of our Conferences

You can join our Circle of Sponsors or become a Conference Sponsor. Learn more.

Become a Volunteer and Work with Families and/or Professionals

Volunteer to help other families who are new to a disability or issue around their child’s situation or to help medical residents learn about our families or to advocate for an issue that is dear to your heart. We encourage you to learn more about each volunteer role – information provided below. We look forward to working with you. 

Peer Parent Mentors (Parents & Family Members Only)

Parents or family members with a child or young adult who has a special health care need or disability are uniquely suited to helping others who have a child with similar needs and are new to this journey. Parent Mentors provide emotional support, information, and guidance to fellow parents to help them better care for their children and themselves. Time commitments vary and mentoring is usually done over the phone or via email. You can decide when and how often you would like to be matched with another parent who needs help. A training is provided to improve your helping skills, teach active listening, and provide extensive information on local resources. Learn more.

Medical Education Program (MEd.) Family Faculty (Parents & Family Members Only)

Parents with a child with special health care needs or disabilities are essential to the success of our MEd. Program, which trains pediatric and family practice residents. These parents serve as Family Faculty to help the residents better understand how complex treatment regimens play out for a family. The goal of the program is to give medical professionals a comprehensive understanding of life for a family of a child with chronic illness or disability, and to teach them the skills they need to work in partnership with the family to provide high quality care. MEd. programs are established in Austin, Temple, Dallas, San Antonio, and Amarillo with more sites in the works. Learn more.

NICU Network Mentors (Parents & Family Members Only)

TxP2P NICU Network is a support program for parents of infants and children who start life in a Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU). This program matches parents with a trained peer parent mentor who has experienced a similar journey and can quickly help them connect with needed resources and services. A training is provided to improve your helping skills, teach active listening, and provide extensive information on local resources. Learn more or register now.

Advocacy Network Mentors (All welcome)

TxP2P Advocacy Network volunteers will learn more about advocacy with local and state agencies and with the legislature. We take an issue you want to see changed and guide you in the process of requesting those changes. Learn more.