Pathways to Adulthood Transition Program

When youth with disabilities, chronic illnesses, or other special health care needs approach adulthood, parents face many issues in assisting their young adult to start their life after public school. The TXP2P Pathways to Adulthood Transition Program assists families to envision a good life for their sons and daughters with disabilities after graduation, and provides support, information and tools for carrying out this vision.

Transition FAQ

We have compiled a list of the transition areas where we get the most questions, with answers in a FAQ format. Hope it helps; we'd be glad to hear from you about other areas that would be helpful. Click here to see the FAQ.

Here is how we can help:

Training Opportunities

Pathways to Adulthood workshops offered around the state provide a whole day of information on all major transition topics, such as funding and services, public school services, legal issues, medical transition and a creative approach to planning, home, work and networks of support. Check the TxP2P home page for the current schedule of workshops and let us know if you would like to host a workshop in your area. TxP2P Parent Conference, held annually, hosts 2 days of transition sessions on relevant topics for families and a 2-day program designed specifically for young people who are approaching adulthood.

1-1 Assistance

Please call or email our office to connect with an experienced parent who can help with understanding how things change for our children as they approach adulthood, advice on transition resources, and provide emotional support. Contact Cynda by calling the office at 866-896-6001 or emailing her at and she will assist you or find another parent who can help. TxP2P also has a listserv that discusses topics related to transition that you may join.

Transition Action Groups

Transition Action Groups (TAGs) bring together 3 to 10 locally connected parents to help each other with individual transition goals, emotional support and shared goals. TxP2P can help you start a group in your area. Contact Cynda by calling the office at 866-896-6001 or emailing her at

On-line tools

Here is a transition time-line to help families get ready for transition, starting at age 6.  Our Transition Inventory is a tool for parents to assess where they are in planning for their youth's adulthood. It provides transition steps with websites and phone numbers to get started.  At the TXP2P transition website there is information (including a summary of the issues for each topic, articles and web links) on the following essential transition topics:

Recent Webinars

Funded by: Texas Department of State Health Services' Children with Special Health Care Needs Program Contract, Federal Maternal Child Health Bureau Family to Family Health Information Center Grant, and private donations
Evaluation from 2011 Conference Transition Institute facilitated by Rosemary Alexander: “The strongest feature of the Institute was Rosemary's expertise & personal experience. Also the parent presentations encouraged us. Comprehensive overview such as this of all transition issues should be mandated for all parents and not optional for only those who choose to seek this out! Lost opportunities cannot be recovered.” Anonymous, Parent

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