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The following are articles and handbooks for parents whose child has a chronic illness, disability, or other special health care need. If you’d like to contribute an article, please contact Laura Warren at support@TxP2P.org. If you are looking for additional content, try our newsletter archive. We encourage you to share these with other parents who may find them helpful. If you choose to reprint them, we ask that you attribute Texas Parent to Parent as the source.

Please note that some of these articles have our old address and FAX #.

Some of our catagories include:

Becoming an Advocate for Your Child

Taking Care of Yourself

Grief and Stages Parents Experience

From our Families – Stories of their Journeys

Family-Centered Care & Medical Home

People First Language

Transition to Adulthood

Medicaid Resources

Special Education

Early Childhood Intervention

Care Notebooks – for Health Care, Transition & Special Education

Preparing for an Emergency

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