Welcome Parents and Self-Advocates

Welcome to Texas Parent to Parent!

Have you ever had that feeling that no one understood what you were saying?  That maybe you were speaking a foreign language but you weren’t aware of it?  We know that feeling because we are also parents of children with disabilities and chronic illness.  We have spoken that same language and seen the same blank looks on people’s faces.  We have dealt with doctors, therapists, insurance companies, hospitals, ECI programs, special education programs, and on and on. 

We have fought for our child, cried for our child, gotten angry for our child, and we have also seen our child smile, felt their hugs and known their love and their true value.  That makes it worth all of the rest of it, most of the time.  For the times it is not enough, Texas Parent to Parent offers a place to call and hear a friendly voice, someone who will understand.  We may not have any answers, and we may just cry with you or rant with you, but more than likely we’ll laugh a little, also.  Does this sound good to you? Then you've found the right place!

Services we provide may include the following and more:

  • Matching parents to trained Supporting Parent Mentors who have children with similar disabilities or issues for emotional support and information
  • Disseminating resource information, training and education, fact sheets, and a quarterly newsletter via in person, email, our website, or in writing. Topics may include long-term financial help, therapy centers, parent support groups, specific disabilities, care for the caregiver, special education law, insurance issues, respite care, applicable websites, and more.
  • Hosting a variety of ways for parents to connect and support one another via a parent match, an annual conference, online listservs, Ask Rosemary, telephone support, Family to Family Center trainings, and more so families can receive answers to specific questions about issues related to their child such as special education services, insurance, sibling’s issues, and more
  • Giving parents the opportunity to share what they know with other parents and to medical professionals, to improve the quality of care for our children
  • Providing technical support to families or parent groups for creating support systems within their communities

Texas Parent to Parent is a non-profit, statewide program that provides support, resources and information to parents, families, and caregivers of children of all ages and all disabilities, chronic illness, or special health care needs, as well as to the professionals who work with them.

Welcome to our family!

- Rosalba, Cynda, Sue, Norma, Patty, Mary Jane, Alejandra, Melissa, Greta, Martha, Adriana, Dora, Linda, and Amy